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Description: sometimes i like to build also some terminators…. black templars conversion! #warhammer #warhammer40k #warhammer40000 #terminators #blacktemplars #spacemarine #spacemarines
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The Carcharodons are a Loyalist Space Marines Chapter of the 23rd Founding who are an alledged Successor Chapter of the Raven Guard. The Carcharodons participated in the latter stages of the Badab War. They were a fleet-based Chapter until in recompense for their role in the Badab War they were given control over theMantis Warriors Chapter’s territory in the Maelstrom Zone of the Ultima Segmentum, a group of Feral and Feudal Worlds called the Endymion Cluster. The Carcharodons may actually be the same Chapter as theSpace Sharks; the term Carcharodons may simply be a fragment of their name translated into High Gothic as “Carcharodons Astra” for that same unit of Astartes. The Founding of this Space Marine Chapter remains shrouded in the mists of long-lost antiquity, thousands of standard years in the past. This alone would not be enough to warrant special consideration, but the Carcharodons’ mystery has not lessened in recent centuries. Rather it has grown with each bloody deed and unexpected strike the Carcharodons perform. Now, the very name of this Chapter is synonymous with the cold, dark depths of the void and the hungry predators that lurk within.

Nobody knows what Primarch’s gene-seed led to the creation of the Carcharodons. Opportunities to study the genetics involved have been exceedingly rare, and the Carcharodons themselves are singularly unhelpful in this regard. The only clues to their origin that the Deathwatch have are from a gene-seed extraction performed on a slain Battle-Brother, recovered from a massacre site. The body was purportedly from the Carcharodons. The Apothecary who performed the extraction later noted that the gene-seed seemed untainted, if subject to some long-term degradation. More interestingly, the gene-seed bore several genetic markers reminiscent of the Raven Guard bloodline. These markers are uncommon, and a link to the Raven Guard would explain several other details about the Carcharodons as well.

The appearance of all Carcharodons shares some singular details. They all have greyish, pale skin with an almost deathlike pallor. Some of the most venerable and ancient Carcharodons have liquid black eyes, without iris or sclera. Beyond this, however, there are no common genetypes amongst encountered Carcharodons. This suggests that the Carcharodons do recruit from a wide variety of sources, and that their skin colour and eye mutation is a result of their gene-seed. These traits are similar to some of the physical traits of the Raven Guard. However, even if the Chapter does count Corax as their progenitor, millennia of genetic drift will have likely created distinct differences.

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Adepta Sororitas by fmralchemist
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Alpha Legion greatness courtesy of Cbuk1968

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never skip leg day

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actual footage of first captain kor phaeron and his sidekick first chaplain erebus on the way to calth

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