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40k News: Forge World Release Legion Glaive
Super Heavy pre-heresy tank
Variant of the Fellblade
Armed with a Volkite Carronade
Sculpted by Stuart Williamson
Go check out more pictures at Forge World
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I have decided to take the plunge and get a superheavy for my Knights of Blood! The question is, which one?

The fellblade is a multi-purpose weapons platform. Flexibility is its greatest strength, which is good because it’s going to set me back 540 points in any game that I use it! However, it sports a two twin linked lascannons on each side, a demolisher cannon, twin-linked heavy bolters, a gun that can shoot either a 9/2 Armorbane blast or an 8/3 Ordnance “massive” (seven inches!) blast.

The glaive, on the other hand, is a bit more focused. In addition to the heavy bolters and quad lascannons that practically define the chassis, it comes with a volkite carronade. This horrifying weapon lets you draw a one inch thick line from the tank to up to forty-eight inches away. Anything under the line takes an 8/2 Ordnance hit that causes the Haywire effect on vehicles and Ignores Cover. Additionally, it has the Deflagrate rule, which means that when it hits infantry, the unit takes a number of automatic 8/2 hits equal to the number of dudes who died to the initial hit. If the weapon deals a penetrating hit to a transport, the dudes inside take d6 4/- hits with the same wound-multiplying Deflagrate rule. The beam stops if it hits a super-heavy, gargantuan, or bastion-sized building, but such a target takes d3+1 hits instead of just one. Of course, this badass motherfucker will set you back 625 points.

Finally, there’s the falchion. This superheavy trades away all the flexibility of the previous tanks - even its firing arcs are limited because the main gun counts as “hull mounted” not “turret mounted” and can’t pivot more than 45° - for awesome power. The falchion lacks heavy bolters, though it keeps the quad lascannons. Instead, it has a twin-linked volcano cannon. This magnificent bastard of a gun is a large blast D weapon with 120” of range. The price of this tank is a “mere” 520 points.

Some additional things to consider:

  1. These are separate kits, not a multi-kit, so magnetizing is out of the question.
  2. All are super-heavies, which means that they cause Fear and Move through Cover, can’t be immobilized, their guns don’t fall off, and they can always move 12” and still shoot all their weapons and at different targets.
  3. My FLGS is much more “rule of cool” than “rules as written.” Thus, I will be able to use the glaive and falchion in any game - even Escalation game - that I feel like using them in.

What do you think?

The Falchion honestly sounds like it would be the most fun, although the glaice sounds like it could wreck somethings on the field and be tons of fun. O.O damn this is a hard choice.

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Aayla Secura by jakeandersonstudio
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Daily Picture of the Emperor, brought to you by [RistyMcFist].
It’s an old one from 2007 or so, but it’s a good one. I’ve adored it for a long time. I really love the little details in it - such as the rubric on the parchments and the runes etched into the blade. Plus, glorious hair is glorious.
It’s one of the first pieces I ever saw of Him, and I am fairly sure it resulted in a whole lot of Emps sketching in my college notebook during lectures too. Tee-hee.
Unfortunately, the artist has disabled comments or I’d sheperd you all in there to comment if you like the piece, like I usually do. :(
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I did my first unfollow for.someone reblogging social justice shit. And I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m now going to do a blog cleansing.

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Extermination Thoughts


Heavily tailored for our interests

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CGI CSM vs. Space Marine

the best part is at the end when the crimson fist guy is holding the bolter to the csm and he leans in like “look here you fucking heretic.” this is better than the entire Ultramarine movie. 

This is awesome!

- Darth Sebious

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